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Yoga (Hatha)

Hatha Yoga is a systematic approach to complete wellness.

A unique combination of breathing practices that assist withcleansing and nourishing the physical body, quietening and calming the mind.

Postures that are gentle on the body providing stretching and strengthening which act in the lubrication of the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Postures also stimulate tome and massage internal organs creating wellness within, releasing tension and improving circulation.

Deep reaxation ractice to aid in bringing harmony and tranquility internally.

Regular practice of yoga is an effective way to increase concentration, strength, vitality, balance and inner peace.

Times: 11.00am-12noon

Cost: $110.00

Walk-in fee $15.00 per session

Limited Childcare, bookings essential


Tai Chi

Lara Tai Chi

Tai Chi Open to All

1:30 - 2:30pm

Practice Qigong Shibashi 1 or 2, 18 movements incorporating special deep breathing for health, fitness and balance. Learn the Lohan, a qigong form. Practice the Immortal Sage Walking Stick Form, Tai Chi Fan, Beijing 12 and 24. Finish with the Lotus.

Tai Chi Beginners
7:00 - 8:00pm
Begin with a warm up. Learn the Beijing 12 in Term 1 followed by the Beijing 24 for Terms 2 - 4. Practice Shibashi 1 or 2, with 18 movements incorporating special deep breathing for health, fitness and balance. Finish with the Lotus.

Tai Chi Advanced
7:40 - 9:00pm
Learn the Shaolin Qigong - Ba Duan Jin, 8 Piece Brocade. Practice Shibashi 1 or 2, with 18 movements incorporating special deep breathing for health, fitness and balance; and a selection from Beijing 12 and 24, Sabre, the Immortal Sage Walking Stick, Sword and Fan forms. Practice various Qigong forms and finish cooling down with a meditation.


Days: Wednesday afternoons and evenings

Cost: $75.00

Concession available

Walk-in fee $15.00 per session


Walk Aerobics

Walk Aerobics
If gentle exercise is what you are after, come in and join this group for exercise to a video for 30-45 minutes.

We have the over 45’s in mind for this one, but you’re never too young to be healthy. Followed by a relaxing cup of tea

Dates: Monday, On-going

Times: 9.30 am—11.00 am

Cost: FREE


Group Training

Group Training

10.15-11.15 Monday 

9.15- 10.15 Thursday

Start moving again with gentle, functional, fun exercises. This class is designed for those who like varity consisting of light weights, cardio and abdominal strengthening exercises.

Suitable for both men and women wanting to improve mobility and general well-being.

Our trainer will cater to your needs or limitations and adjust the exercises according to your ability and requirements.


Cost: $7.00 per session    Concession available


Weight Resistance Training

Weight Resistance Training - with Steve

We are proud to be able to offer this class in gentle and effective Weight Resistance Training.

This class is designed for all fitness levels and ages. So if you would like to build your strength in a safe and friendly environment, with a qualified personal and fitness trainer, join us and get fit at your own pace.

Days: Friday morning

Times: 11.00am-12.00 noon

Cost: $90.00,   $15 walk-in fee

Concession available for eligible participants.

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