Did you know....  The LCC Occasional Care program is licenced under state legislation to provide quality care to children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

and....   we are changing how we do things so we can better meet your needs.

To better meet the needs of Lara families, we are changing some things in the Occassional Care service.  From the 16th of July 2018, you will be able to bring your child to either:

       a 3.5 hour session from 9am until 12.30pm or a 5 hour session from 9am until 2.00pm.

These extended session times will allow us to work with the children in an extended program and give carers a little bit longer to make those appointments or get the shopping done or even have a quiet lunch with your friends.
In addition to this, the childcare room will no longer close during the school holidays so you will have continuity of care.  If you want to work while they are here you will have a little more flexibility. 


All of the fabulous things about the program will remain:

  • family grouping so your kids can still play together
  • flexible booking options if you want or need different days
  • ability to book last minute (as long we have the room)
  • great resources


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesay and Friday will be open to all ages from 6 weeks up to 6 years of age.

BUT   We are keeping Thursday just for children over the age of 3 so we can run a program that is a little different to the other days.

With the support of our peak body, we are also investigating if we are eligible to offer families Child Care Subsidies, which will make our program even more affordable.


The rates for the new hours will be:

3.5 hour session: (9am - 12.30pm)                                        5 hour session (9am - 2pm)

1st child:  $35.00                                                                   1st child: $50.00

2nd child: $31.50                                                                   2nd child: $45.00

3rd child:  $31.50                                                                  3rd child: $45.00

So whether you are looking for a morning or a half day session of care, we will be well placed to support your needs. 

Some advantages to participating in our program:

  • Building positive attitudesDeveloping a healthy self esteem
  • Encouraging natural curiosity and exploration
  • Providing experience in all areas of development based on individual and whole group needs
  • Providing encouragement towards total independence, while highlighting cause and effect within relationships.



Call us on 5282 2725  or come in to visit the room and meet the staff to find out how we can support you.




...... is now available for our service.  Please use Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari browsers to access.  Using a Chrome browser may cause issues.

You can now book and enrol online, check for vacancies if you want an extra day or a casual booking - all from the comfort of your lounge and any time of day (or night).
More information will be available on our website in the coming weeks. 


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