The Lara Happenings has been a part of the community for many years. It is an unfunded program of the Lara Community Centre Inc. The purpose of the Lara Happenings is to communicate information to the Lara Community. The Happenings should always remain unbiased, non-religious and non-political.


Entry in the Lara Happenings may be made at three levels:

Level 1:  Lara Community Groups may request up to half a page in an issue of the Lara Happenings at no cost. Any space required/used over this allocation will be charged at the normal commercial rates.

Level 2:  Businesses and individuals may place advertisements of various sizes, at the current advertised rate. This includes block advertisements and classified advertisements.

Level 3:  Local, State and Federal government departments, organizations and individuals, not-for-profit organizations, health providers etc may place advertisements within the guidelines of their own organizations and with regard to any relevant laws or regulations that may govern their submissions.

Lara Community Centre Inc reserves the right to refuse all and any submissions.

The Lara Happenings is self-funding and charges should reflect the need to maintain the on-going viability of the publication, to meet publication, distribution and staffing costs and other associated overheads.



Bookings for items to be placed in the Lara Happenings may be achieved through a range of methods:

  • Email submission, attaching a properly formatted file.
  • Over the counter, with a USB and a print out of the submission for comparison
  • Through the mail system, with a USB and a print out of the submission for comparison.

All submissions should include written instructions including:

  • the issue number/s requested
  • number of issues requested
  • the person requesting the submission
  • the company/organization/department requesting the submission
  • the business and postal address of the submitter
  • the contact numbers for the business/organization/department requesting the submission

This information is required by law. Failure to supply any portion of this information may delay entry to the Lara Happenings.


Community groups and advertisers may book one front cover of the Lara Happenings per year, subject to availability.  Allocation of additional front covers will be at the discretion of the Centre Manager.

The only pages in the Happenings that can be allocated are:

  • front cover
  • both middle pages

 Placement of submissions in the Happenings should be as follows:

  • non-profit, community organizations (eg: Football Club, St Laurence White Elephant) will be paced towards the front of the publication
  • non-profit, business organizations (eg: Lara Sporting Club, St Laurence Community Services) at mixed positions throughout the publication,
  • profit organizations and businesses in other space available.


We use InDesign to produce the Lara Happenings. A number of file formats can be accepted:

  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Word
  • Publisher
  • Powerpoint
  • Picture format (ie: .jpeg, .gif, .tif etc.)

All files should use CMYK and not RGB.  Files converted from RGB to CMYK may not reproduce as well as the original.

All submissions for the Lara Happenings above Level 1 will incur a charge that will be determined by:

  • the size of the ad requested
  • the number of issues requested
  • any discounts that may be determined

All payments must be made prior to submission cut off dates for each issue. Failure to make full payment may delay entry to the Lara Happenings.

Invoices may be issued to some clients. Invoices will only be issued with the approval of the Centre Manager. Invoices will not be issued to new clients, clients who have failed to make payments in the past or those who fail to provide all requested information.

Submitters are responsible for ensuring that their submissions meet all regulatory requirements including, but not limited to:

  • contact numbers
  • address of service
  • license/registration numbers, if required
  • use of copyright material (ie: credit logos, company logos)


Submission content
Lara Community Centre Inc will not knowingly accept any submissions for the Lara Happenings that contravene local, state or federal laws, may cause offence, or that vilify or disparage an individual, organization or business.


Political advertising
During local, state and federal elections submissions from candidates may be accepted on the basis that all candidates pay the full current charges for each submission, prior to publication. It is the responsibility of the candidates to ensure compliance with all laws and guidelines relating to the publication of election materials.

The Lara Community Centre reserves the right to withdraw or refuse to publish any material that is deemed to or may be deemed to fall outside the laws and guidelines relating to the publication of election materials.

Placement in the Lara Happenings shall be in accordance with general guidelines.


All complaints will be managed in accordance to the Lara Community Centre Inc Complaints and Grievance Policy.


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