Vision and Philosophy

To provide a community of care and from this, a dynamic learning environment, which enables all students to develop social and work place skills, and which challenges staff and students to meet their full potential with the support of all members of the College Community.
Lara Secondary College values were established in 2010, in consultation with our student body, our parents and our staff. Our values of Excellence, Teamwork, Commitment and Respect are clearly defined. A set of behaviours has been determined by the student body reflecting each of the values.
Acknowledging the value of learning and embracing every learning opportunity
Cooperating with others to achieve the best possible outcome for all
Agreeing to accept challenges and to show persistence
Behaving in a way which shows consideration of all members of the community

College Rights and Responsibilities
  • All members of the College community have the right to:
    Be treated with respect and dignity
    Feel valued, safe and supported in an environment that encourages freedom of thought and expression
    Fully participate in an environment free of discriminatory behaviour
  • All members of the College community have the responsibility to:
  • Participate and contribute to a learning environment that supports the learning of self and others
    Ensure that their actions and views do not impact on the health and well being of other members of the College community
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9 - 11 Waverley Road, Lara
(adjacent to Woolworths Shopping Centre)
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Lara Community Centre Inc.
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